Team is a platform that unites skilled workers around specific construction projects where no skilled labour is available locally. We focus on industrial projects for the agro-industry and mining in remote african sites. Our offer consists of providing you a team of skilled and certified workers for the duration of your construction project. But we have all the competencies to deliver turnkey projects as well, including every step of the process: feasibility study, design, build, commisioning and follow-up.


Project Manager
Construction engineer, specialized in the design and project management of large turn-key projects. Over a decade of experience in civil works and agro-industry in Europe, Africa and Asia (Covagro, Matexi, Socfin).


Project Manager


Project Manager

Electromechanical engineer, specialized in energy techniques. With many years of experience in turnkey energy optimisation projects in both Europe (Toyota, clean tech start-up: CEE-engineering) and Africa (agro industry: Socfin).

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